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Posted by BuccinMike at Feb 21, 2004 9:49:04 AM
Re: Ship Sizes -again-
Runesai wrote: 
Ok, at what point does a ship to be considered full? I've looked n looked but can't find it.

The number in the "Pirates" column tells the maximum number of pirates allowed on each type of ship. After that number is reached, the ship is considered "full" and no more pirates may come aboard. So, for instance, a Sloop would be considered full if there are 7 pirates aboard; even if only 3 are working and the other 4 are lazing about playing the Drinking puzzle with each other, it's still considered full and no one else may come aboard. Hence the need for a /plank command to get rid of scurvy currs who are just taking up space. Hope this answers yer question.

And thanks to ye, Baldwin, 'tis a great resource.
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