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Posted by Cantatrix at Feb 18, 2004 3:50:02 AM
Re: Mis-telling
atteSmythe wrote: 
We hold crew and diplomatic meetings on ship. The auto-speak has made this a bit easier, because now someone doesn't have to remember to change their chat mode via dropdown. By speaking in a circle rather than in vessel chat during meetings, you avoid accidental eavesdropping by someone who logs in and goes right to ship, or clicks the wrong ship at the dock interface.

Well, yeah, but if you're already making efforts at privacy, is it that much harder to remember your circle chat? (I think if I can consistently remember something, it must not be that bad-- heck, I mostly use the tabs so I don't have to try and remember my text commands.)
When you're trying to maneuver around a crowded ship and keep jumping through circles, it can get aggravating. As does trying to hold a private conversation while puzzling, being pulled out for battle, and suddenly addressing the ship mid-sentence.
Of course, on both sides, it's a matter of convenience more than anything; both those aggravating examples are things we now know to look out for and work around. I'm just surprised, and not sure I agree, that the inconvenience falls more heavily on the chat-defaulting side.
(I can see some poor officer forgetting to change chat himself and yelling "Teams of three!" at individual people randomly. Still, it's not too hard to glance down and see whether you've got the little boat-shaped tab on; I'm less comfortable with things that up and decide to change themselves while I'm using them.)
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