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Posted by dr4b at Feb 18, 2004 3:45:05 AM
Re: Mis-telling
I always use /tell explicitly for tells. So I don't have the vessel problem there.

However, the vessel/speak... oh god, this is CRAZY annoying lately. The problem is that once it switches to speak, it doesn't ever seem to want to switch back for me. I've actually started trying to avoid getting near anyone on a boat, because if I do, I'll be in speak-mode and not vessel and nobody will hear me. And then some NPP will come up and I'll end up in a chat circle with them and speak gets flipped again and...

I really liked it better before. Or, maybe -- could it just be the default on larger ships? Like just the Large size category? Even a war brig is small enough in my opinion that I'd rather hear everyone than realize everyone's having a conversation in a chat circle on the upper decks while I'm still sitting downstairs or whatever.
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