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Posted by Squidbeard at Feb 18, 2004 3:39:34 AM
Re: Mis-telling
I've seen illustrations of a few times when the auto-switching of a chat channel is inconvenient (or embarrassing), but it seems that many are overlooking the routine times when the switch is very convenient.

When I come out of a sea battle, I like that my chat reverts to Vessel, so that I can join everyone in congratulations. When I enter a circle, the switch to Speak is lovely.

The problem is that the useful convenient switches are invisible, or at least easily overlooked, whereas a mistell usually sticks with you for a while.

I've had equally embarrassing situations come up because I was hitting up-arrow in a puzzle when we came to a nav point. It's caused me to send inappropriate notes to a previous target any number of times (especially bad when the command that comes up is /foff). Yet you don't see me advocating for the removal of the up-arrow shortcut, because most of the time it's a blessing. I this as a similar situation.
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