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Posted by TheCosmicChz at Feb 18, 2004 2:48:53 AM
Re: Mis-telling
I think the vessel/speak was originally put in to help on larger ships to cut down the incessant and frequent vessel chatter. Although, it isn't effective at that, because most people are at duty stations, not lazing about on deck, and the prebattle chatter doesn't have people rushing to form chat circles so they all can say "Yarr!".

I would think that in the case of larger ships, it would be up to the ships officers to keep down (or not were they running a more chatty voyage), the chatter.

Vessel chat is also frequently polluted with conversations between a select few people, which the other X ammount of people don't really care to hear. I suppose the say would help people form their own conversations, but again, unless yer in dock people aren't forming chat circles.
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