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Posted by wnorman at Feb 17, 2004 10:17:52 PM
Re: Mis-telling
This can certainly cause some awkward and funny situations - for example, once one of our officers blurted out some of her racy Valentine's Day plans after a fight. We all had a good laugh but she was quite embarassed.

I was actually going to start a topic on the vessel/speak issue, because it's caused a lot of confusion since the update was introduced. Not only because it's naturally confusing, but because it's a change from what everyone's used to. As people walk around the ship getting ready to deport or after finishing a run, they wander in and out of circles and their chatting is sporadic. It's almost a daily occurence that you're carrying on a conversation with someone only to realize they switched to speak and you can't hear them anymore. This is especially difficult with greens who haven't yet figured out the different types of chat.
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