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Posted by PotatoJones at Feb 17, 2004 7:06:42 PM
Re: Mis-telling
aaaargh wrote: 
(since it seems to allow you to speak to yourself on a ship).

Ye kin speak t'yerself on land, too, if yer the last person in a chat circle.

I think that chat system is pretty on top o'things, but we all make mistakes with the various chats, whether the pirate uses the buttons o'the /commands. I think it jest means ye need t'be careful with what ye say and when ye say it. If somethin yer /tellin is sensetive and/or embarrasin material, yer best chance t'avoid booches is t'jest watch out.

Though leavin the Tell button chosen instead o'turnin back t'Vessel (which is what the problem here is, lest I miusunderstood) would probably be among the few things that could probably be tweaked. If this only happens after a battle, it may be better if the selected choice simply stays chosen.
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