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Posted by ramirojr at Feb 17, 2004 6:06:17 PM
Re: Mis-telling
Ok, sorry, I thought my point was implied because I glossed over one key fact in my mind. You can press the "up" arrow to go to the last command you sent. So, if you had just sent a "/tell FRIEND," you can simply press up again and it will display "/tell FRIEND" again. It's a very slight bit more effort than a chat tab, but it helps to avoid very frequent mistells. It also gets you in the habit of knowing where you're sending messages all the time. I prefer it, anyway. And until something is fixed in a release, this is the best help I can offer.

I apologize for leaving out the super awesome "up" function cos I just figured it was implied since I've been using it for so long. And yes, I know, that's not very productive help, and it actually hurt the thread initially. In the future, I will try to be more complete. I hope I've cleared up any confusion...
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