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Posted by tarajayne at Jul 14, 2006 4:46:10 PM
Re: Greenie Weekend!
Hide and go seek rocked! Thanks so much! I felt at home, our crew loves to play this all the time.... lol!

Yeah so I have to change my orignal "thank you" post, to an issue with the event.

From the hide and go seek rules:
"Everyone who wishes to play will be asked to go to the Sips' Manor on Lagnaippe (ask for an invite or just come on in!) to start. While everyone is waiting to start. a list of several people will be hiding. The list of names will be added to the news in the throne room. Hints to their locations can also be found with /who <name>. The first 3 people to find everyone wins the prizes. If you decide to use a tell (typical greenie move) the person you are trying to find can either give you the answer or send you in the wrong direction. Once you find them you have to tell them I found you so they can send a tell to me and I can keep track with who found who.
Since there has been some confusion by a couple people let me clarify. When you find a person you CANNOT send them a tell saying I found you. You either must walk up to their circle or start a trade request so the person you found knows you were in the scene. If a hider feels like you did not really find him/her they do not need to send a tell back to me. Hopefully this prevents cheating."

I remember there being a discussion when this was first posted about sending tells saying "I found you" when in fact they hadn't, and that was cheating. That was never done.

Let me tell you all what happened. I was about to log off. One of my mates said, I'm going to go do that hide and go seek thing I think. I said hmm... I guess I'll go try to, why not. Once we started, seeing how many there were to find and how far they were and knowing this could take awhile, I went to read the rules. It said nothing about working together or not. So about 5 mates from my crew split up and started finding people.

I wish I had specifics, but since I didn't care about it at the time, I don't. I've been in an event similar to this before where it was a race to try and find stuff (I think it was more a scavenger hunt type thing, I can't remember it was a while ago). Anyway, the winners were all people that worked together. I didn't win, because I couldn't find them quickly alone. Was I upset? Yeah I was bummed that I didn't win, but I wasn't going to think they didn't deserve their prize. Working together hadn't been against the rules.

Anyway I placed 3rd in this event, yet was refused my prize.

Do I care about the prizes? No not really. I was sharing with my mates, and putting my share in our flag fund. I did it for the fun and because my crew loves to play this a lot.

What I'm angry about is the fact the fact that, they can't prove the top 2 people didn't "cheat". In fact, if I hadn't admitted that I did work together, they couldn't prove that either. But I'm an honest person, who doesn't cheat.

I am also angry that if they believed us to be "cheating" , why didn't they tell us early on, instead of letting us search around for nearly an hour playing this game? If someone had told me, working together is not allowed, we would have stopped immediately, not wasted our time.

Last and least peeve... they gave me a fish, said that's all they could give me. Still announced me as 3rd place but all I could get was a fish. When other people that were working to help but didn't place, got "bonus" prizes that were better than that.

I'm upset on principle here, not on the prizes. We believed working together not to be against the rules, and so we did it. The fact that I was accused of cheating (just me, no one else that helped and got bonus prizes) just really eats at me. I do not cheat.

Sorry this post is long. I'm upset.

Sorry one more thing to add... After searching for ages on one island for someone... someone told me they had moved islands. Didn't know the people were moving. That could have been considered cheating honestly since it didn't say in the info that the hiders would be moving. In every hide-and-go-seek game I played as a kid or with kids, moving hiding spots was considered cheating. Hmm.

I get around.

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