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Posted by Capt_Jamirus at Jul 10, 2006 3:19:44 AM
Re: Bounty on the Riddlers
All i know is i tried pvping a riddlemakers sloop yesterday....we lost....had a bit of damage when we entered and they had more people than us (stupid ring indicator!) but meh....i'll try again sometime Triggster said, we'll only lose a bit of booty, which we can only regain, but if we win, heck, we got 1k in the pocket and whatever for winning teh pvp. I'm only bothering for the fact there's nothing better to do on this ocean, i mean, i got nothing against Riddlemakers, i do have an affinity with money though :) I mean heck, why's everyone so fussed?

Feeling kinda mellow

EDIT: Like most people, forgetting sentences :P (And also spelling mistakes XD )
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