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Posted by Headstrong15 at Jul 8, 2006 1:03:37 AM
Re: Bounty on the Riddlers
Well, Well, Well.

I actually cant think of anything to say.

Wait, Found something (after 10 minutes of thinking)

Screw it I cant be bothered. Im just gunna use this to watch the fun and eat some popcorn. I cant PvP RM. They are too good friends of mine.

Gl though, And when yer at war, Send me a tell. I will get an alt crew in one of yer flags to come and Sink (well attempt to sink) some ships with some on my own! :)
Jebus on Viridian
King of Equilibrium
Captain of Lava Twilight.

Hypnos wrote:

I'm so bored I could smite the OM that sent this thread into my domain.

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