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Posted by Saint_Death at Jul 7, 2006 4:52:12 PM
Bounty on the Riddlers
Ellipse is still quite pissed that RiddleMakers exploited game mechanics to avoid war, but let's not go back to whether this was right or wrong. If OMs said it's right, it's right. But we thought of our own fun event.

Place: All around Viridian.
Date: On-going, from now until there is full war between Ellipse and RiddleMakers.
Registration: None.
Why? Because we want RiddleMakers to reciprocate our declaration of war.

PvP (Pee vee Pee) any RiddleMakers' ship out in the ocean and win. Simple as that. Anyone who wins a pvp receives a prize.

For the battle to count you have to post a screenshot at some point in SF and the opponent ship in the upper right corner must be visible. You have to post the screenshot in the thread here on Viridian Ocean Forums and send a PM to me (Saintdeath). I will check the screenshot and the list of recent pvp battles. Then you try to find me in-game to collect your prize. If I don't reply it's because I'm busy or don't feel like it and try again a bit later, please.

For every battle you win, you receive PoE prize.

Sloop - 1000 PoE
Cutter - 1500 PoE
Merchant Brig - 2000 PoE
War Brig - 3000 PoE
Merchant Galleon - 4000 PoE
War Frigate - 5000 PoE
Grand Frigate - 8000 PoE

Additionally, there will be extra 10000 PoE prize to the person that does the best job in hunting Riddlers.

Note again that this event will end the moment full war between RiddleMakers and Ellipse takes place.

Also, believe it or not, members of RiddleMakers cannot participate. ;)

Picture provided by JohnDigger Paint Skillz Inc. A company that doesn't know that Y!PP != B!H.

We reserve the right to withdraw the event at any time.
mcfunky wrote: 
you can't really complain... unless of course your name is saintdeath and complaining is your actual job.

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