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Posted by marco_161091 at Jun 26, 2006 1:05:13 PM
Re: Retiring Event
Hi, I am Mosteel and I am here to eat my own hedamn this is tough
how do i control my mouth after i chop off my head
and why would i wanna do that
ewll i really am gonna try sso just wait n maybe u'll see me eat my head

Just a sec..
took it off
it pays to be a robot
but i cant eat i gotta separate my mouth

damn i'll try again

by the time better to put it back at its original place


Mosteel, Fleet Officer and Mascot of the crew The Prodigy

On the doubloon ocean, Viridian
Benzene265 said
I can't see anyone naming their pirate Ghyslaine, but I certainly hope that if there is a Japanese Rhodin someday, he or she remains blonde and well-tanned.

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