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Posted by Shorty_Jack at Jun 24, 2006 9:13:26 PM
Greenie Weekend!
presented by Dark Judgement
July 13 - July 16 2006

Are you a greenie or remember what it's like to be a greenie? Down on Lagniappe, we will be celebrating and having fun like the typical greenie! I encourage everyone to be a act like the cute respectful greenie we all know and love (trust me you want to)! You do not need to be a greenie to participate. Since "you" are a greenie, events have been spread out for time and ablitily to play the puzzles. All prizes are greenie related.

List of Events: (Times are listed in central but some asked for pst to prevent confusion - I think this just made it more confusing though)
Password - All Weekend!
TD Tourney - 4 pm (2 pm pst)
Drinking Tourney - 2 pm (12 pm pst)
Backwards Hide and Seek - 6 pm (4 pm pst)
Rumbling Tourny - 2 pm (12 pm pst)
I want that Box! - 3 pm (1 pm pst)
SF Tourny - 12 pm (10 am pst)
Able Only Pillage - 6 pm (4 pm pst)

*Prizes will be added as we recieve them!

Password (All Weekend)
All around Lagniappe, green letters (highly bolded and large) will be placed. Your job will be to find all the letters, rearrange the letters, to figure out the password/phrase. In order to win the prizes all you need to do is /tell me your answer. You can guess as many times as you want, but just guessing randomly might get you a mute. Good luck hunting and well figuring out the password! (Bonus if you can tell me what it's from.)
1st - 10k, fish (old)
2nd - 5k, fish (old)
3rd - 2k, fish (old)

Treasure Drop Tourny (Thrus July 13)

Turbo, NO Holes, Free Entry, Pot Bonus: 8k, TD table, male and female green striped shirts

Drinking Tourny (Fri July 14)
Play to 1500, 5 colors/shapes, no mugs, Free Entry, Pot Bonus: 8k, green goblet, male and female green striped pants

Backwards Hide and Seek (Fri July 14)
Free Entry
1st: 10k, Orange Daisy, Fish (Old)
2nd: 5k, Sand Dollar, Fish Skeleton
3rd: 5k, Lump of Coal, Fish Skeleton
Everyone who wishes to play will be asked to go to the Sips' Manor on Lagnaippe (ask for an invite or just come on in!) to start. While everyone is waiting to start. a list of several people will be hiding. The list of names will be added to the news in the throne room. Hints to their locations can also be found with /who <name>. The first 3 people to find everyone wins the prizes. If you decide to use a tell (typical greenie move) the person you are trying to find can either give you the answer or send you in the wrong direction. Once you find them you have to tell them I found you so they can send a tell to me and I can keep track with who found who.
Since there has been some confusion by a couple people let me clarify. When you find a person you CANNOT send them a tell saying I found you. You either must walk up to their circle or start a trade request so the person you found knows you were in the scene. If a hider feels like you did not really find him/her they do not need to send a tell back to me. Hopefully this prevents cheating.

Rumbling Tourny (Sat July 15)
One game per match, seeded by rating, no bludgeons, Free Entry, Pot Bonus: 8k, green/green rope coils, male green sleeping cap, female green feathered hat

I want that box! (Sat July 15)
I will have 30 boxes (prizes). In order to win one all you have to do is be the first answer a question/riddle correctly. When a person gets the question right they get to choose which box they want and whatever secret prize is waiting for them. I will only ask 29 questions/riddles. The last box will go up for auction with the starting price at 1 poe. Due to the amount of boxes, the number of participants expected, and quality of prizes one pirate can only win up to 5 prizes but are still able to bid on the last box. This event will be held on a war frigate so I will get the jobbing contacts to you when I can. If any problems send me a tell.
*We have the right to plank anyone taking enjoyment away from this game.

Swordfight Tourny (Sun July 16)
One Game per round, seeded by rating, Foils Only, Free Entry, Pot Bonus: 8k, green/green short sword, male green pants, female green wrap

Able Pillage (Sun July 16)
Remember being able? Or you are able? Well it's pillage time. Only a few people will be allowed to have good stats aboard this vessel such as the naver and gunners. All jobbers must have able stats! Come sailing with your alt and speaking like a greenie!
Naver: Squeakbeard
Gunners: Adesh, Earlone, Beardsly, Annaleese
No one else will be allowed aboard the vessel unless they have able stats! There is a reason for this! Trust me!


Throughout the entire weekend, bonus prizes will be given out to those who walk, talk, and dress like greenies! In order to win these prizes, talk to everyone, be friendly, and have fun! That person may just have a prize on them, however, you don't know if they do or don't! Please do not be annoying, this is for everyone to have fun, don't ruin this for others.
(While I encourage everyone to act, speak, and dress like greenies, remember that spamming, swearing, and going against the filter are still against the rules of the game. OMs are still able to punish you.)

For anyone wishing to help, donating prizes, hiding, etc. please contact Shortyjack or Annaleese! (There will also be a meeting at Lagniappe Palace closer to date, for all those will willing to help you must show up or get in touch with in game!)

Special Thanks to:
Cookie Pirates of Crimson Tide
All members of Dark Judgement

EDIT: Times have changed and events switched!

EDIT again: All rules are subject to change without notice and at the will of the players organizing/hosting the events.
Shortyjack of the Midnight Ocean
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