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Posted by Rengor at Dec 30, 2002 6:50:46 PM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Ack! ghosts have taken over both of our ships!
I was out all day with the Stingy today until at some point it got permanently stuck in combat mode (red) but didn't engage in combat. So now it will only move a tiny little bit and you can't disengage or rechart or anything. I reported the bug.

I went to the Crabby Guppy and the same problem only in pursue mode (green) gets stuck. This time it will continue over several leagues, but you cannot engage in combats. Reported this one too. ARRRRRGHHHH!!!

Also for both the bugs the NPPs went totally crazy and started hiding and running all over the ship. Most peculiar.

I tried relogging ofcourse, no change at all.

I hope the piratey gods will attend these problems asap.
-= SilverBeard of The Mad Mutineers =-
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