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Posted by Empanado at May 23, 2006 8:22:06 PM
Re: Empanado's 4A Avatars!
The only thing holding me back in the past was no absolute guarantee by the artist for everlasting awesomeness. I have not looked at yer work long enough to test that guarantee, but I trust there's some kind of refund option available if the event that a significant drain of awesomeness should occur?

Refunds will be unnecessary, but existent. You can ask your avatar to be replaced with a new one if you're unsatisfied with it in the first place, though.

Also, is it possible to order a little extra anti-nazi?

It is not only possible but ENCOURAGED. That's why I now unveil a new type of avatar: The 200% ANTI-NAZI AVATAR. This one is a partially-premade avatar, whose customizable parts are:
- The pirate on the back (i.e. YOU!)
- Props (fish, hammers, bludgeons, etc.)
- Your pirate name on top (Why, of course!)
- The verb (suggestions: smash, smite, beat, splat, blast)
An example of this avatar would be:

Given that this type of avatar is partially pre-made, its price is ONLY 4500 POE.

Do not miss this golden opportunity to show the world that your ideology is far away from Nazism!

EDIT: Ahem. It's 4.5k, not 4k. Anti-Nazism has its price, folks!
Empanado, at Midnight, makes avatars.

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