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Posted by Rengor at Jul 14, 2003 3:00:08 AM
Re: chat ideas
I'd like tab completion too actually.
And it can be used for more than just the commands, say I wanted to send a tell to Yarrrrington or is it Yarrrrrrrington or Yarrington? Well i just enter /te ya<tab> and if there's more matching i can keep pressing tab and it will cycle thru all the matches until i find the right and press enter.
Not a huge must at all though, but hey if it's easy to do I'd like it.

A little tip: a patch or two back they added a little help to reply to tells. If Homullus sends you a tell, you can use arrow up and automatically get a /tell homullus and then just write the message. Very convenient. If you've sent him a tell in the past and sent some new ones since then his name might be further up in the list, but just keep using arrow up and you'll find it. I use this alot.
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