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Posted by poobox at Jul 13, 2003 6:05:41 AM
chat ideas
well, first and least important, I'd like some more emacs keybindings in chat. at least cursor movement and deletion commands. cut and copy, not so important.

second, and slightly more important, I'd like to see a /lock <talkmode> command, so that you can be in speak or vessel or whichever by default even after using /shout or clicking on shout.. or switching interfaces aboard ship. I noticed this aboard the tournament ship, trying not to vessel chat, but not noticing it switch me back to vessel after and before every puzzle.

finaly, and most important, swear blocking should be added to clients and set on by default. there's been some complaints about foul-mouthed pirates lately, but if it's something as simple as "I !@#$ed up that navigatin mates, sorry" I can't see it being the speaking pirates fault if the listener is offended. of course it could be gotten around and abusive speach could still happen, but that's what /complain should be used for.

if there's another thread for this that I missed, please let me know, otherwise, I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks right here in this thread.

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