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Posted by homullus at Dec 30, 2002 2:10:31 AM
A fine day indeed
I think the Jobbing share be just right. It means a ton of money for any officer who can find enough decent NPP's (or non-Mutineers) to run a ship . . . I've gotten over 600 for myself on one fight, twice. I don't like the half-share business, and have jobbed at that rate. I'm not sure it was any more lucrative than Brave Ryan or Loud Peggy. Of course, part depends on how many other officers are on that voyage too . . . one share with one officer is much much bigger than one share when all the officers are aboard.

I would very much like to have one of our ships stocked with NPP's for solo play, since we're not always on at the same time. I realize that they get off from time to time (at least, if ye put into port they do), but I think we should have one that we not fire NPP's from.

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