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Posted by Rengor at Dec 29, 2002 2:33:30 PM
Re: The Mad Mutineers Discussions
Arrr a fantastic day for the Mad Mutineers!

We won several contests and grew with a couple more fine members since we were able to change from the awkward democracy to autocracy with Squishy in the lead.

I think we should continuously evaluate the amount of officers by whether we have officers online or not. If we do we should keep the number at that. If people complains they dont see our officers on at all and have to go sail with other crews (which means less loot) then we should expand the amount of officers.

1 share for jobbers sounds good. I've sailed with half a share and that is quite little. It's even more important now with the latest patch giving less loot than before.

Finally I urge the new officers including myself to get some navigation experience so people actually wants to sail with us ;)
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