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Posted by JD6627 at May 7, 2006 5:56:37 PM
Re: People In Glass Vessles Shouldn't Throw Cannonballs
Thankyou for proving me wrong here, but you really think that such tax exortion will work in your favour? Really, your only making enemies. There are so many independent flags/crews that do business which are now going to be disadvantaged with high taxes. Thanks for giving Calais ideas for Napi Peak, which will disadvantage even more independent crews/flags. Not all people get involved in wars.

High taxes on Prolix "hurt" a total of 12 people in the ocean. I'm refunding the taxes to the shipyards, except for Cyndiepet, cause she's rich, and she hasn't even asked yet, so I haven't had the pleasure of saying "no". Anyway, I want to buy Friggin' Brigs and dust it; I just don't have the free million poe right now to offer her. There are 11 weavery stalls on Prolix. 11 stalls hardly equals an industry, so I'm working on arrangements with each of them to buy them out so I can dust the bazaar. If they don't want to reach an agreement, they're welcome to pay the higher tax.

This sounds like olive all over again lol.
Also why hasn't P4P rised to 100% on all there islands? might aswell do it everywhere also TL and lab also harmattan and cochineal should join in too. That way everyone will move to sake DN and lima. But a better idea would be for everyone to kiss and make up but that will never happen lol.

also yay viridian parley is back!

/e laughs Harmattan has so few stalls it probably wouldn't even be noticed. Even by the stall owners :P

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