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Posted by metalnicka at May 2, 2006 1:28:38 PM
Re: Seriously, get a grip.
This thread is a cunning ploy. Purple Wall Lamps win blockades as all the forumers who would normally be jobbing for the opposition are now on the forums discussing tactics with Purple Wall Lamps. So Cloakdeath will find his opponents have no jobbers and they will be a Piece of Cake. What a genius plan! Why didn't I think of it?!? Because it's crap.


Fixed. :D

EDIT: Stupid apostrophe.


This time, well and truly fixed.

Don't forget your full stops. Fixed.

Too much bold. Fixed...

Turning into quite a pyramid now...

No bold at all.


Fixed! :P
I'm purple and I like blockades :D
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