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Posted by moler22190 at Apr 27, 2006 6:28:26 PM
Re: Intent for Terra.
If I can work something out so Viridis is protected, I'd be willing to move the SdM fleet to Typhoon for some fun and games.

I really like Chat's idea. Line up some navvers, coordinators, JCs, etc. Then, have two captains or three if possible and pick teams. Could be some fun to see how unfamiliar people throw it together.

Also, I like sloop/cutter tag. Everyone for themselves, if you get bumped, your it. Every 10 or so minutes, the person who was "it" the longest is eliminated. Go until there is one sloop standing.
Don't pave me, please!
For real this time wrote: 
but I shall no longer take any active part in the game, on any ocean.

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