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Posted by dewdlebug at Apr 9, 2006 3:54:03 PM
Re: moving to sub oceans?
Dude, what exactly is your definition of success for playing the game? It's different for many ranging from winning & governing an island to call their own, monopolizing a chain of stalls to being a mutli-poellionaire and getting that elusive familiar.

I started out on Sage. Sure, I bought some dubs early on because I was friggin impatient. Lately? I've been spending more time on the sub oceans, mostly on Midnight. Why? Because I like being there. Granted, I'm still bit of an ocean hopper because have made a great many relationships on all the oceans and I enjoy hanging out with them too. Heck, I'm far from even being a rich pirate but no longer play for the poe and (virtual) material possessions nor have I even mastered any or all the puzzles because they bore me to hell now. No, I play because I want to hang out and have fun with poeple I like to be around with.

Regarding your comment on dub players buying their success. If you're speaking in the sense of a player being able to buy a house, furnish it and wear the clothes they want with out expending the many hours of labor, then that's their call. Whatever. But if you're referring to some of those that have built empires, that's certainly arguable. There are quite a few players on the dub oceans that did not buy their success and to over-generalize all successful players as unskillful and bought their fame with the buying power of a credit card is not a fair statement.

In the end, success should be what you make of it.
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