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Posted by rixation at Apr 9, 2006 10:00:37 AM
Re: moving to sub oceans?
There's a new ocean on the horizon, but rumor has it that it'll be another doubloon ocean.

In regards to Cobalt vs. Midnight, obviously Midnight has been around longer, has a stable economy, the people are set in their elitist ways, and the stat lists are all out of whack because of how many people are uber-ults. So, if you're looking for an established ocean where most of the islands are already taken and you don't care about working your booty off to get decent stats, go with Midnight. Just be prepared to join an already established flag.

Cobalt, however, is still fairly new. New crews and flags pop up everyday, there is still plenty of opportunity to get ahead, and the economy is still growing so traders and merchants thrive. The downside is there is alot of political turmoil...people stabbing each other in the back. So, if you want to run your own crew, or you don't care about politics, go with Cobalt.

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