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Posted by MrTyres at Apr 4, 2006 10:18:43 PM
Re: Flag chat and Friends

First time Poster. Please, be gentle :D

My crew was running a Frigate Pillage tonight, and besides fighting jobbers, communications can be difficult. Of course officers patrolled sections of the deck to spot lazy bums and any problems.

Because COs tend to delegate for you to watch certain aspects of the Duty roster, I would love to see a section chief chat ability.

Basically, my Captain is pillaging on a big ship. He names me Ship's Carpenter, or whatever wonderful piratey naval name they find. I then see only the Carps on the Duty roster, and I get a separate Carp channel. That way I can praise and lambaste without telling the entire vessel. Or maybe just a larger region talk. All those on below deck get a chat channel. Poop deck a channel, Forward deck a channel and Main deck a channel.

Don't get rid of vessel chat, but this would enhance officer control of large pillages, especially with jobbers.

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