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Posted by Cleaver at Dec 23, 2002 10:58:16 AM
Re: NPP ships, I think NPPs will Gun on said ships, according to their skill level. I just don't want them gunning for players. We'll see, if enough people clamour for NPP gunners this may change.

Re: Ten Second delay -- I don't know if this would work too well. BTW the 'damage' blocks from cannon hits will be utterly patchwork, so I don't think they'll be too helpful...

Re: Third ships joining the Fray, Sea Battles have been engineered to accomodate more than two vessels, but we have yet to determine the precise mechanics for such engagements in various situations. It gets rather complicated, and we don't want to encourage ganging up particularly (although obviously two small sloops taking a War Brig would be reasonable). This will be an area that we return to as we finish up the high level gameplay (think Island Blockades, for example).

-- Capn C.

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