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Posted by AvaPoet at Dec 20, 2002 3:41:25 AM
10 Seconds???
10 seconds? You can die in ten seconds! A second, perhaps... even that's a long time, but is far more feasile. Per cannon hit, of course.

I agree entirely that cannons should be able to be loaded outside of battles (and, during one particularly buggy ship-to-ship fight, I ended up loading all of our cannons while my crewmates fought the enemy), but if this is the case, there should be an indication for anybody on deck of how many cannons are loaded... so that pirates can identify this and decide to (or not to) go loading them.

While jobbing earlier today, I saw two ships we passed locked in battle! I was impressed; the dev team have thought about this... but I ask; what happens if you pilot a third ship into the fray? Can this be done? If so; what happens? If not; why not!

Need more puzzles for more piratey activities. And the shops to be working. Am addicted now; damn you - get coding! <LOL> (have no room to talk, my Java sucks royally: I couldn't begin to write Yohoho...)

Take it easy, all... and merry christmas. Arr.
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