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Posted by Badgundo at Dec 28, 2003 8:45:38 AM
Re: Rehash: PvP Sea Battle movebar
Actually, it was impossible to tell what the brigands would do, since they would react to anything you did and change their moves, and do it instantly. It was an even-worse version of what damienroc is complaining of now.

There appears to be no suitable way to simulate AI without the brigands 'knowing' what our moves are. They are simply given a fair amount of poor reactions to choose from among the good ones, given what our moves are. The movebar gives us a half-step toward that level of omniscience. I use it as a gauge rather than a guide, and I do pretty well in that fashion.

Oh, and if you still think the brigands don't have more data than we do, try setting down four moves, watch the brigands react, then swap in a different move counter [say to head your ship away instead of toward the brigands]. Watch their moves change, even though your move bar didn't.

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