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Posted by Kiara at Dec 28, 2003 4:30:31 AM
Re: Rehash: PvP Sea Battle movebar
Brigands not accurately showing thier moves has happened to me several times, and i have been blaming it on lag. Some times (especially when switching between puzzles) the brigand will keep its same move indication that it had in the last turn, and not show the new moves chosen. I found that if I start placing and removing sail tokens, it will sometimes clear up.

I don't know if this is the same trouble that damienroc is having, but it sounds like a similar lag-related problem.

In general. i like the sea battle move bar. I have found it very useful. However, I think it may help to have some indication if the brigand ship will fire cannons or only move. I know it may not matter much, since brigands shoot cannons almost every turn, but it is a little annoying to see the move indicatior 3/4 full when the ship isn't moving at all.

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