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Posted by dale7 at Mar 11, 2006 8:56:22 PM
Re: [Cobalt] Pirate(s) Seeking Crew(s)
Looking for somebody to adopt Teeg on Cobalt... right now I'm in an event crew, but I'd like to start playing more on Cobalt. However, given the choice between running the navy treadmill for a third time (Sheilagh, Peeteegee, and now Teeg), or hoping my forum connections will find a place for me... well, here's hoping for the latter :)

I can get consistant Increds on Sails once I'm up to Renowned-GM level or so (It's difficult when you have fewer blocks to play with), and unless I'm having a baaad day with a hammer, Excellent carpentry is also negotiable. My gunnery is competent if unexceptional, my bilging is quite pathetic, and my bnav is weak, but I have extensive experience in jobbing contactery, both for large pillages and blockades, and I'm extremely willing and eager to help with greenie or officer training.

If you're my ideal crew, you've got a mix of new and old people, do pillages on both small and medium boats (or are in a flag who can and does load up the occasional WB) but aren't absolutely ZOMG MASSIV WE HAV 351 CABIN BOYZ LOLZ, and don't bother with any of the gimmicky stuff. (For example, if you've got official crew colours, I'll probably run very, very, very fast in the opposite direction.)

If you want a fun crew that runs small medium and LARGE pillages. Aren't full of rock stars but are quite good at what we do Teeg just look up any officer of Dragon Riders and give us a test run. We almost always have a ship or 2 out as the crew and flag spans all the major time zones world wide. We're not stuck on our stats. we play for fun and profit. Just tell any of my Officers I sent ye over if I happen not to be online at the time.
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