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Posted by popiel at Dec 26, 2003 2:00:56 AM
Re: Messy Logs
Kraken wrote: 
Maybe a better way would be to allow the user to construct his/her own stamping method? Do something similar to mIRC and use a lot of % variables to represent things, then allow the user to construct the stamp in a simple text box.

Echoes of Kendaer...

Kraken wrote: 
...and you can create fancy xml tags like 54x's example <say method="flagofficer" source="diamondblade">'Hoy you lot!</say> by using the stamp <say method="%c" source="%p">%t</say>.

Unfortunately, that doesn't handle the escaping needed for XML... which means that it would be XML up until the point someone said "Hello! </say> my name & lose!"

Ah, well. That's enough necrohippoflagellation for me.
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