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Posted by Kraken at Dec 25, 2003 11:32:19 PM
Re: Messy Logs
Maybe a better way would be to allow the user to construct his/her own stamping method? Do something similar to mIRC and use a lot of % variables to represent things, then allow the user to construct the stamp in a simple text box.

For example, you could have a list such as:
%d : day (Monday, Tuesday, etc..)
%D : day (01, 02, 15, etc...)
%M : month (January, February, etc..)
%h : hour
%m : minute
%s : second
%a : am/pm
%p : pirate
%c : channel ( crew chat, speak, shout, tell, flag officer chat, etc..)
%t : the text (if used, text is not appended to the end of the stamp)
%% : % (the symbol)

Now everyone can construct whatever method they like best for storing the data. For example, you can make popiel's example [20:03:01] <Talek> [crew] Talek says, "Just another circumlocution." by using the stamp [%h:%m:%s]<%p>[%c], and you can create fancy xml tags like 54x's example <say method="flagofficer" source="diamondblade">'Hoy you lot!</say> by using the stamp <say method="%c" source="%p">%t</say>.

Of course that list is really short, and there can be a LOT of different variables, thus everyone could print their logs in any possible (plain-text) way they could think of.

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-Senior Officer of Dastardly Deviant Devils.

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