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Posted by Tee_Beard at Dec 24, 2003 8:56:57 AM
Re: Messy Logs
popiel wrote: 
How does putting it in XML help? We'd still need some way to distinguish the different types of chats. Just changing stuff from

Talek says "Oops, no help here...<^_^>"


<say pirate="Talek">Oops, no help here... &lt;^_^&gt;</say>

doesn't do a darn thing other than make it 25% larger on disk and harder for a human to read.

There are three ways of storing chatlog information: full-text, full binary (database-style), or some intermediatary level like XML. We've already noted the disadvantages of text based storage, but we don't want our database stored in some proprietary, impossible-to read format. XML offers the advantages of a simple database system (or even a more complex one, but we won't need it in this case), with the robustness of text. Now anyone can write their own tools to collate and rearrange chatlog information so that it looks nice.
ItÂ’s kind of funny/sad how I still can find the thing that made me part of Y!PP canon.

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