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Posted by damienroc at Dec 24, 2003 12:52:22 AM
Re: Rehash: PvP Sea Battle movebar
Er... I didn't try to beat the computer, reflexes-wise. I placed my moves, as I would. I noticed that the Brigand wasn't moving, yes, but I didn't place at the last instant. I believe there was a second or two between the time when I finished placing moves, and the timer ran out.

Then I made my first move. Then the brigand moved. THEN the movebar for the brigand filled up.

Yes, it was reacting to my movement, that's not a problem, but there wasn't even any indication that it was going to move until after it had already started moving.

This is not a playstyle problem (of which I have -many- to work on in Sea Battle) this is a game design problem, because the system is sending out false information.

How would you feel if, when sailing, you caused a piece to drop and then its colors changed? Or if a breaker in swordfighting suddenly disappeared? This is pretty much the same thing. The idea of the puzzles is that we're given some information, and we're supposed to make decisions based upon that. As it stands, the sea battle puzzle gives inaccurated information. Whether or not you use the movebar or not isn't the point. I can't see any reason for thinking that it sending out misinformation is a bad thing. You don't look at it, fine, that's good for you, but that doesn't excuse a bad element in the game.
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