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Posted by Badgundo at Dec 23, 2003 6:19:26 AM
Re: Rehash: PvP Sea Battle movebar
damienroc wrote: 

I'd think that the existance of situations where the brigand moves without any pieces in the movebar isn't just an opinion, but a fact.

Yes, if you try to place your tiles in the last instant, the brigands, not being human, will react in between the time your last tile is placed and the turn starts. This will lead to lag in display of the movebar. As both I and Thesis have explained, this is your own fault for trying to beat a computer on reflexes. As I said, take charge of the battle. Place your tokens. If you don't like the reaction, yank or place tokens to provoke a different reaction. I'm currently on dialup, and there's time to do that, even when I'm also sailing or gunning. Push the brigands around instead of letting them do it to you.

Walked right out of design into gameplay tips, there, so I think I'm done with this thread.
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