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Posted by damienroc at Dec 23, 2003 5:10:30 AM
Re: Rehash: PvP Sea Battle movebar
You're stating your feelings about the movebar as cold facts. I find the movebar very useful, for the reasons stated above, so 'at best' it is far from useless.

I'd think that the existance of situations where the brigand moves without any pieces in the movebar isn't just an opinion, but a fact. Now, this could be due to a variety of things, up to and including lag time between my computer and the server running the brigand. However, whatever the reason, it's a problem, and a big one in my mind. It's indicating that the game setup isn't viable to run this feature properly.

Proper setup: the movebar indicator is accurate to the number of moves that exist for that ship at that time.

Improper setup: the movebar is inaccurate to the number of moves that exist for that ship at that time.

By my obervations (which are what influence my feelings/opinions) the movebar indicator is FIRMLY in the improper setup.

If there is some other reason for its existance (Um... to deliberately mislead people? Why the hell is that useful in a game that's supposed to focus on person skill at puzzles?) I can't fathom it.
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