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Posted by damienroc at Dec 23, 2003 12:33:43 AM
Re: Rehash: PvP Sea Battle movebar
I dislike the movebar. In PvP it runs into all the problems that David described, and really removes the sense of strategy that made the old Sea Battle so fun (and, in a sense, was why Robo-Rally was such a great game)

In brigand battles, it is at best useless, and at worst a very bad distraction, and just more indication of brigand cheating. In one recent battle, I threw up my moves. After the timer ran out and I started moving, so did the brigand... with an empty move bar The existence of its moves didn't even pop up until after it had completed its first move.

Take out the move bar. Let us just work things out on our own. Even if the brigands cheat, we won't see any blatant indication of it.
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