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Posted by Jothmar at Dec 22, 2003 11:52:05 PM
Re: Rehash: PvP Sea Battle movebar
The only reason I like it is because it gives you some clue as to how 'fast' the ship is moving. It seems to me that you'd be able to tell if a ship was going to stand still or move on a turn just from looking at her, if she's not moving she isn't going to if she is. . . well she will. I know that the concept of 'speed' in Battle Nav isn't quite accurate but it makes sense to me.

I would however not want to count when a cannon ball is to be fired. After all you'd have no way of knowing that in real life (yeah I know fun before real) and as I see it the point of the bar was to make it so that you didn't waste a bunch of shot when a ship decided to just sit still for a round, I wasted many a cannon balls before the bar because of that. And with it including fireing the cannons in the bar I find myself doing this alot again with the brigands sitting still firing random useless cannon balls all over the place.

This leaves one problem, the insta-change of the brigand moves. I ask that how the brigands move be changed slightly. Put a limit on how fast the brigands change their pieces. So they could have one last second move change just like a human can but they can't go from none to four or vice versa. Obviously the brigands have to use our bar to decide what to do and there for will have to change their moves as we change our moves (just like we change our moves based upon their moves) but there is a limit to how fast we can change our moves. I would just want a similar limitation put into place for Brigands.
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