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Posted by dime at Dec 22, 2003 2:10:36 PM
Rehash: PvP Sea Battle movebar
This was brought up and discussed before here.

But it's been about 2 months, and I was hoping to revive it to hear some new discussion about it now that we've all had a little bit of experience and a few pvp battles with it.

In my personal opinion, I don't think the move bar should be shown at all in PvP sea battles. I think it makes for an awkward sea battle. One, (I), has to wait until the last second to throw up his moves to prevent the enemy from seeing how many moves he plans to play. And as for it being "partially hidden", that doesn't help things at all. It just adds more jumble and luck to the puzzle.

In the most awkward scenario, 2 good sea battlers are waiting for the last second to put up their moves, see the enemies' movebar, try to guess what it is, make changes to his own accordingly, wait those last frantic seconds for new changes and be prepared to make last nanosecond changes again. Throw lag into it, and it might as well be a free for all. Why go through so much trouble when it was so perfect before? You had to guess what your enemy was doing and you made your move. You either made it right, or you made it wrong and you learn from your mistake. You don't play silly mind games and seeing who can shorthand the other at the last second.

While I'm making ridiculous demands here, I guess I might as well bring brigands into this too. I hate sea battling brigands now. I loved the sea battle in Azure. Now seeing the movebar just makes me mad and frustrated. I don't really care if brigands cheat. (Actually, I do.. If I had a choice, I'd rather them make a choice based on probability and experience and stick with one move.. with the exception of the black ship, of course). But I no longer care to see them doing it. And it IS last second. I've seen them switch back and forth between moves as I do. Just to switch again to screw me after it was humanly possible for me to change moves again. If asking for change in their AI is out of the question, I at least don't want to see it. But if the movebar was removed, I think it would be possible to tone down their obvious cheating a bit, which would be sublime.

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