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Posted by Quinolin at Jan 25, 2006 7:49:34 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
There are incorrect formulas in the furniture-shop for every item with cloth-color options because of incorrect table- and column-references in the VLOOKUP-functions used.

First of all, the colors in columns E and F need to be moved down to align with the cloth-block. In essence, the regular cloth column needs to start with "red" in F54, the fine cloth column needs to start with "red" in E55. Secondly, the lookup-columns are all off by 6 (I think this was caused by addition of the columns for the Financial Records).

I give example for the bunk and - to keep it shorter - only post the incorrect and correct portions of the formulas. The portions requring changes are in bold.

In AB17, incorrect: (IF(BJ158>BL158,(VLOOKUP(Z17,$F$50:$Q$85,4,FALSE)),VLOOKUP(Z17,$E$51:$P$86,5,FALSE))*(BJ158+BL158)); correct: (IF(BJ158>BL158,(VLOOKUP(Z17,$F$54:$P$89,10,FALSE)),VLOOKUP(Z17,$E$55:$P$89,11,FALSE))*(BJ158+BL158))

In AC17, incorrect: (IF(BJ158>BL158,(VLOOKUP(Z17,$F$50:$Q$85,5,FALSE)),VLOOKUP(Z17,$E$51:$P$86,6,FALSE))*(BJ158+BL158)); correct: (IF(BJ158>BL158,(VLOOKUP(Z17,$F$54:$P$89,11,FALSE)),VLOOKUP(Z17,$E$55:$P$89,12,FALSE))*(BJ158+BL158))

In AD17, incorrect: (IF(BJ158>BL158,(VLOOKUP(Z17,$F$50:$Q$85,3,FALSE)),VLOOKUP(Z17,$E$51:$P$86,4,FALSE))*(BJ158+BL158)); correct: (IF(BJ158>BL158,(VLOOKUP(Z17,$F$54:$P$89,9,FALSE)),VLOOKUP(Z17,$E$55:$P$89,10,FALSE))*(BJ158+BL158))

For items with 2 colors (e.g., armors), the same changes need to be made, just in 4 different VLOOKUP-functions (2 for each color).

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