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Posted by Gothmog1065 at Jan 22, 2006 9:04:41 PM
Re: [Cobalt] Pirate(s) Seeking Crew(s)
Looking for a nice crew. Probably won't pillage, but will docktart. PM me.


EDIT: Defining nice crew: People in it know spelling and grammar, and there's a reasonable amount of people in the crew (ie. no 10 man crews). :)

*looks at you*

You *KNOW* you have a spot with us. And you *KNOW* we'd welcome you without hesistation. What are you waiting for?
Nemesis wrote: 
You ruined my joke, Goth.
Arakael wrote: 
Goth is right, as usual.
Blobbles wrote: 
Goth is right. *shudders*

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