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Posted by kestrel659 at Jan 22, 2006 8:45:35 PM
Re: [Cobalt] Pirate(s) Seeking Crew(s)
I've been playing on Cobalt for a little over a month and I've dabbled in a little of everything. I strated a Crew and flag with a couple of friends and I even owned a stall. (I don't think it lasted long enough for me to pay rent) Anyways after a while I got bored with only being able to pillage on sloops and cutters usually by myself and only raking in about 1k per battle.

So I moving on. I want to find a crew that has a lot of great pirates at the top who really have a good idea of whats going on and are around a lot and never to busy to answer questions (with in reason of course I know people have lives outside of PP) but I ask a lot of question and I'm usually listen well to what others have to say. I never recieved an actual officer training but I'm an okay pillager so I want to find a crew that can quickly fill in the gaps, and train me in stuff I haven't learned like pillaging on larger ships.

I really want to join an active crew who particpate in war and blockade frequent pillages etc. But after I prove my self I'd like a crew that has room for me to take an active role in making decisions for the crew.

I've thoguht about this change for a while and even though I'll be leaving a crew were all the head people live in my neighboorhood I think I'm not living up to my full piratey potential and maybe I take a stab at my own crew another time.

Contact me if I sound right for your crew my pirates name is Walleyed and I like to talk to you before joining thanks.

found one
I was a Drell. I was a Drifter. I was a Coaster. I was part of The Gang. I was a Bar-Kay

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