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Posted by d3athl3 at Jan 19, 2006 9:09:57 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
Aye I am in love with this program...I have been able to totally redo my stall to where I am making a decite profit and not over charge my customers. Nothing worse then over charging people and making our islands market so high that they go else where to get their goods. My islands market is now coming down due to me using this tool and fourcing my compation to not price gouge.

(+15% to +20% margin is what I work in)

I have found only one issue with the ship wright one though. It seems to be counting up the cost amount wrong on the ships thus throwing the profit into the negs even though the "product cost" and "tax" and "advertised price" are correct. Is there a way to get this fixed?

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