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Posted by bel_pirates at Jan 19, 2006 7:27:21 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
Maybe this data can be placed on the solution for international decimal seperation issues

Many of these issues were addressed in the original thread for the Shop Tool. Most people probably wouldn't know to look there, however, so the most common problems should probably be ported over to the wiki for easier lookup. When I find some time, I'll start working on that. For now, you can dig through the old thread for common problems/solutions (like the international decimal thing).

As a side note, PRODUCTMAT is the equivelant of the english version's MMULT formula. It takes a range of values in a row (the recipe numbers) and multiplies them by a column range of the same length (the pricing data). If the length of the range is different (say, 3 in the row, 2 in the column), the formula will return a #VALUE error. This is why adding columns to the recipe section or rows in the pricing section breaks the spreadsheet.
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