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Posted by Lallaria at Dec 8, 2003 6:32:38 AM
/emote inconsistencies
And I'm not talking about the want for /ems /em, or /em's. I know that idea exists in about 15 threads. Maybe not even :-P

I'm talking about normally typing something like this:
/crew /em laughs
and getting
Lallaria laughs

/tell Rubby /em laughs
gets me
You told Rubby "/em laughs"
and Rubby
Lallaria tells you, "/em laughs"

IMHO, this should turn out to be something like
In a tell, Lallaria laughs
Privately, Lallaria laughs
(add the 'to Rubby' when needed)

I assume suffixes want to be avoided, otherwise ye can just do
Lallaria laughs privately
or even in the middle:
Lallaria privately laughs

It also affects /shout, /fofficer, /officer

(though I suppose shouting emotes is rather pointless. But it might be useful at weddings and such)

Not really that big of a deal.. It's just a bit inconsistent with /crew and /vessel and /jcrew I believe.

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