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Posted by imwamphyr at Dec 22, 2005 9:48:15 AM
Re: Setting home in others' homes
Section number? Not seeing it right now... But I feel like something must be in there, or screenscrapers wouldn't be banned. :-\
I'm thinking, possibly, possibly it might fall under section 6, number 13, which states:
The Tos wrote: 
modify any files or use any game hacking/altering/cheating software or tools, including scripting or macroing software, or attempt to disassemble the game client and/or decipher the data transmissions between Yohoho!'s client and server. These activities will result in immediate termination of the Player's Account and may subject you to civil and/or criminal liability.

I'm not sure this qualifies, but this is the one that would have prevented me from using it.

As for why I've never tried to use one-In my mind, the whole log off due to inacctivity is something they put there for a reason (server load), and therefore anything you do to avoid that, is also something they could easily define as a cheat...
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