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Posted by Fiddler at Dec 22, 2005 5:42:43 AM
Re: Trinket suggestions thread
I'd like to see either a monkey and octopus equivalent to the parrot feather or a set of familiar dolls that would be offered only to runners-up of familiar events.

I was quite tickled to place in the October Spooky Vignette contest and chose a feather the same color as Feegle's parrot with pride. I'd like to see if an equivalent prize so as to not exclude those who place in monkey and octopus contests.

Or if you want to be all elite and exclusive about it a whole set of familiar dolls, only offered to the runners-up of these contest, given in the colors of the animal that was won. They could be included in the list of przes that the runners-up get to choose from, along with the portraits, sloops, clothes, and other items. Heck, they could even have the same inventory graphics as the current familiars, but with an inscription stating how they were won and only viewable with "Inspect Trinket" or in the display case.

Of course, the problem there is the idea of scamming some unsuspecting player into thinking you're trading a real familiar. But one would hope that anyone who could afford to purchase a familiar would be aware of the difference and also know who actually had a familiar to sell.
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