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Posted by Fiddler at Dec 22, 2005 5:42:20 AM
Trinket suggestions thread
I tried finding a central thread akiin to the Furniture suggestions thread to post these ideas in and couldn't find just one. So here's a gathering thread for trinket ideas.

Some previous threads:
* Trinket suggestions - the Nose! Bumped to Shore Leave. Also trophes and St. Valentines day trinkets Later sent to Davy Jones's Locker
* Trinket Shoppe
* Admiral trinket
* Design your own trinket event idea
* Replace foraged gems with foraged gem trinkets - Filled with Nemo-y goodness!
* Making Trinkets Interesting
* Blockade Trinkets
* Blockade momentos - pre-trinket idea

An index for this thread. - Faulkston
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