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Posted by mr_googol at Dec 21, 2005 11:43:14 PM
Setting home in others' homes
Problem solution for crew/flag houses not having enough roommate slots in their houses. Wanting crewmates and flagmates to be able to always enter. Suggestion: If you are a crewmate, flagmate, or hearty of a homeowner, and they have the one of those you conform to checked on their always allowed to enter without knocking tab, you can set their house as your home. It being your home you will be able to use it to whisk to home (not enter without knocking that would take a bit more programming). Owners/Roommates can see who is homing at thier house with another tab on the configure house button, and toss unwanted people out.

Resident/former resident of Byrne/Beta/Alpha/Winter Solstice/Guava/Delta/Dragon's Nest/Sakejima/Lincoln/Greenwich/Admiral/Quetzal

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